Emily Dickinson inspired by The Master.


Curtain Calls: A fresh look at Emily Dickinson

“...Thank you BootStrap Foundation for bringing Tell It Slant, an illuminating musical about poet Emily Dickinson... to Fort Mason's Southside Theatre...”

- Contra Costa Times

Emily Dickinson, With a Musical Twist

“...Highly rewarding theater... you'll demand a second curtain call...”

- San Francisco Examiner

An oratorio for Emily

“...Tell It Slant does as much service to Dickinson's poetry as any oratorio by George Frideric Handel provided to its Biblical sources...”

- San Francisco Examiner

A welcome addition to Dickinson lore

“...Sharmon J. Hilfinger and Joan McMillen... bring music and new life to Dickinson's poetry with dynamic complexity, humor, stunning harmonies and eloquent beauty...”

- Palo Alto Weekly

‘Tell It Slant’ a true work of art

“...What distinguishes this production as a work of art is not only the selected original material but the dialogue added by the playwright, Hilfinger, the original music created by Joan McMillen and a well-balanced script...”

- San Mateo Daily Journal

Tell all the Truth but tell it slant

“...Eight impressive actors, on stage most of the time, perform 15 roles... the strongest ensemble work I've seen at the Pear...”

- The Daily News, Palo Alto