Emily Dickinson struggling with despair in the form of The Master.


Sharmon J. Hilfinger (Playwright)

Sharmon Hilfinger - photo

Sharmon has been writing plays for twenty-four years. Her plays have been produced by Menlo Player’s Guild, Pear Avenue Theatre, Heartland Theater and BootStrap Foundation. Tell It Slant is her sixth full-length play to be produced, and three of her short plays have been included in the Pear Avenue Theatre Pear Slices program. She is a founding member of the Pear Avenue Theatre Playwright’s Guild, a playwriting peer group. She studied playwriting with Rick Foster, Ellen McLaughlin and Oskar Eustis. Tell It Slant is her third play written in collaboration with Joan McMillen. Their first work, Imaginal Disks: A Tale of Transformation premiered in 2001 at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts. In 2003, Hilfinger and McMillen’s environmental activist play for high school actors, got water?, premiered at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. Other full-length plays include An Ideal Mother, A History of Things that Never Happened, and Deuce. In 1998, Hilfinger founded BootStrap Foundation, a nomad theater development and production company dedicated to helping artists bootstrap their way to visibility.